Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Union Falls Pond

This is a springtime shot taken just next to the Union Falls Dam near Silver Lake, New York. That's Whiteface Mountain just right of center with snow on top. Click on the panoramic shot to see a larger version.

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Luke T. Bush said...


This is only opinion, my personal POV, so please don't take it as advice. Just consider it as another viewpoint.

I have problems with manmade objects in nature or landscape photos. Usually I try to keep them out of the composition so that nature "rules." (At the same time I can understand why someone would include them to show man's impact on the setting.)

Your panaroma is well-composed but for me that rusty beam sticking ouf of the ground throws it off. How about cropping from left to right, just before the beam, to include only the lake? Just a thought.