Tuesday, September 30, 2008


There's an odd story behind the reason this picture looks the way it does. Years ago there used to be a building that had beautiful artwork done across one side in spray paint that they'd change every year or two. I'm not talking about tags, I'm talking about really advanced art that must've taken years and years of practice that would use the entire side of the building. One was a centered in view of a fighter pilot in a cockpit, if I recall correctly.
Eventually the city decided it was harmful and illegal, being graffiti, and made them paint over it. They painted over the bricks, I assume with a regular paint roller, leaving the paint in the cracks alone. Now it is a bland gray building with just hints like these to its past.

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Luke T. Bush said...

Besides a bit of barrel distortion, a great shot. The old Ground Zero building. Another Plattsburgh business that promised so much and fell so short. I mean, did Steve Martin ever perform there, as mentioned by the owner as part of his grandiose plans in a PR news article when GZ opened?

And then there were those artists who never got paid for the haunted house set-up - a lesson for all visual artists.